percent based unit circle

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unit circle

fractal Pascal triangle1

fractal Pascal triangle2

silent stroke P.S.A.

degree based unit circle

Jewish Koch Snowflakes

rotational offset example

happy fractal!

snowflake fractal!

color koch snowflake fractal!

color koch snowflake2 fractal!

color koch snowflake3 fractal!

fractal design 12

Tick Tock

fractal design 13

fractal design 14

fractal design 7

fractal design 20

n choose k


star logo

star design 7

stars design 3

stars design 4

fractal stars design 4

svg unit polygons

stars design 8

svg star grapic

five point stars and pentagon

polygon logo

eight point star

eight point star 2

eight point star 3

ten point star

html ellipses

16 piont svg star

gradient svg star flag

pentagon and pentagrams

colored five point stars

free ideas and graphics

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