n choose k graphic fractal graphic pi-r-fun.com
pi-r-fun.com is a website that focuses on trigonometry and JavaScript. I became intrigued with combinatrics because I wanted to create a Pascal's triangle composed of hexagons. Combinatorics is a field of mathematics that deals with discreet (no fractions) combinations of numbers. Combinatorics is used to calculate some types of combinations. For example there are only three chairs for six people, how many combinations of people can be seated? Combinatorics is also used in algebra to derive the coefficient of terms when multiplying polynomials such as (x+y)^9. Combinatorics uses an algorithm called "n choose k" or "nCr", pi-r-fun.com provides the javascript functions for the "n choose k" functions in .txt format and the graphic representation of the "n choose k" numbers, the "Pascal's Triangle".
If the odd numbers of Pascal's Triangle are given a color and the even numbers are given a different color a fractal design appears.
I consider fractals to be a never ending repeating sequence of steps. A fractal design is a graphic representation of a subset of such a sequence. I programmed the Koch Snowlakes and Pascal Triangles in JavaScript, I used the Kaleider fractal generator for several of the more elaborate fractal designs.
In the future I hope to sell posters of some of the graphics I have created as well as advertisements for products I endorse, which may include herbal supplements, nicotine patches, coffee, tea, and bitter sweet chocolate.

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